Webinar: Social Media Audits for 2019

No more death by $20 payments!

Save your pennies for the things that really matter. Like VACATION!

Are you tired of paying "just $20" a month for each and every program you seem to need to manage your social media? It's only $20 a month, but that sure adds up doesn't it? This webinar might just SAVE you money.

How would you like to have access to:

  • FREE social media management tools
  • FREE graphic design tools
  • FREE organizational tools for your content planning
  • FREE email marketing options
  • FREE landing page options
  • FREE ways to create ebooks
  • FREE ways to improve your SEO
  • FREE programs and apps for making video content
  • FREE music sources
  • FREE photo sources
  • and more!  

Anita has helped hundreds of small business owners and entrepreneurs get a handle on their social media since she opened her doors seven years ago. She has developed highly sought after in-person courses for a variety of entrepreneurship hubs in her home city of Halifax, Canada.  

She has taken clients from 7,000 to 30,000 fans and has helped clients generate 8x ROI in Facebook ads. She's turned Facebook haters into Facebook lovers!

Anita's passion is helping small business owners understand how to leverage the opportunities in social media marketing and lose the overwhelm.

READY to fill YOUR bank account? 

Join me to find out how you can do it all for free! Join me February 27, 2019 12pm AST (11am EST)